The ESKORT Compliance and Enforcement Solution is an integrated suite of systems providing support for all the main compliance processes within a tax or customs authority. It is currently recognised as the leading, if not only, compliance solution providing complete, integrated coverage of the compliance domain.

The main compliance processes are represented by the ESKORT Compliance Cycle, which is a convenient model for depicting compliance work as a cycle of related activities linked by the flow of work processes, data and knowledge. For both tax and customs, the ESKORT Compliance Cycle identifies 3 main phases of compliance work (pre-clearance, clearance and post clearance in the customs domain, and pre-audit, audit and post-audit in the tax domain). These can be supported in an integrated solution or separately, depending on customer need.

The complete set of highly configurable applications and modules would include:

  • ESKORT Clearance Risk Analysis
  • ESKORT Selection
  • ESKORT Case Management and Tracking
  • ESKORT Audit Support and ESKORT Computer Audit (SESAM)

The ESKORT Compliance and Enforcement solution has been tried and tested in more than 30 countries across 5 continents.

Please download the ESKORT fact sheets for details of the individual modules or contact us to learn more about the product.

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