IT Development and Support

A major component of our tax/audit enrichment programme lies in enhancing the capacity and performance of tax/audit activities and processes via technological development and advancement initiatives.

The AQ tax/audit enrichment programme is an integrated compliance and enforcement programme that will assist tax/national revenue agencies achieve efficiency and effectiveness from a risk management perspective.

The main objectives of this programme are to:

  • Minimise non-compliance by taxpayers
  • Focus limited resources and efforts on targeted non-compliance risk areas
  • Optimise audit planning, preparation and reports
  • Ease and simplify the audit analysis and audit trail for tax auditors

Our approach towards implementation of the tax/audit enrichment programme is based on the use of either commercial offthe- shelf (COTS) solutions or customised systems, depending on our customers’ preference and requirements.

For more information, please email us or contact one of our representatives at our Programme Support line.

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