The AQ Code of Conduct serves as our cornerstone in guiding the way by which we operate in an increasingly competitive and complex business environment. The principles articulated are fundamental to our ability to secure the trust of our customers, the support of our shareholders, the cooperation of our business partners, and the commitment of our employees.

To customers, we guarantee:

  • Integrity
    • Given the nature of business that our customers are engaged in, we are careful to conduct our business relationships and operations in manners where we do not place ourselves in positions and situations which may invite legal or ethical conflicts nor issues of integrity, fairness and trust.
  • Quality
    • The concept of quality permeates every aspect of our business; from the way we go about our work, to the end products and services which are delivered to our customers.
  • Confidentiality
    • We recognise that confidentiality is of high importance to our customers and are conscientious in safeguarding and preventing unauthorised disclosure or dissemination of such confidential and proprietary information, data and/or documents that we may come into contact with in the course of our work, unless it is deemed necessary for the purpose of work, the conduct of an investigation, or as required by any applicable law and regulations.
  • Respect for local laws, customs and practices
    • We respect the letter and the spirit of the laws and customs of all our customers and seek to exercise sound judgement in working within the parameters of their local business practices.

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To shareholders, we guarantee:

  • Transparency
    • We are constantly mindful of the strong support given by our shareholders and endeavour to fulfil our accountability towards them by ensuring maximum transparency in our business, financial and operational plans, records and reports.
  • Added Value
    • We strive to value add in every activity that we undertake so that all resources and investment put into our business and people will result in some form of returns, be it financial or otherwise – such as greater efficiency, higher employee morale, better work environment etc.

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To business partners, we assure:

  • Collaborative Efforts
    • We believe in pooling together our resources and leveraging on each other’s expertise and strengths to achieve the best results in any business opportunity so that everyone benefits from the business partnership.
  • Credibility
    • We are rigorous in selecting and working with qualified and reliable partners to deliver superior products and services to our customers and we reciprocate by demanding the same standards of ourselves.

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To employees, we encourage:

  • Ownership
    • A large part of how we operate involves getting our people to have a sense of ownership and pride in our work because we believe this will help us put in our best efforts to make sure that work gets done in good time and with minimal supervision.
  • Teamwork
    • We encourage our people to foster good teamwork because every employee’s work affects another employee in some way, and coordinated effort from every individual is crucial in keeping operations smooth, providing support in times of need and making the business an overall success.

This Code does not address all circumstances but highlights the key principles which we believe are crucial to our various stakeholders, and provides the basis by which decisions and actions are undertaken, both as a company and as individuals in relation to our business objectives.

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