I.T. Applications


The ArcticTARIFF solution is essentially a complete electronic tariff management system comprising 3 main components. At the heart of the ArcticTARIFF solution is the tariff database within which commodity codes and tariff measures are held in a robust and tested data model. The data is then managed by a content management system that allows data to be entered into the database. At the other end of the database is a facility that is able to query and export the data held within the tariff database, with multiple configurable automatic output formats.

The complete set of modules that support the ArcticTARIFF functionality would include:

  • Import modules
    • Management systems
    • Data import module
  • Query and export modules
    • Query module
    • Report module
    • Electronic tariff data file export module
  • Tools modules
    • Duty calculator
    • Statistics system
    • Quota system

The ArcticTARIFF solution has been tried and tested in more than 20 countries across 5 continents.

Please download the ArcticTARIFF fact sheet for details of its functions and individual modules or contact us to learn more about the product.

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