BPR and Consulting

Prior to embarking on the tax/audit enrichment programme, the use of external consultation services in assessing the current situation and establishing the scope of improvement requirements would help ensure proposed solutions are suitably prioritised to maximise return on investment.

Under the ambit of our tax/audit enrichment programme, Arctiquator offers the expertise and resources to carry out professional consultation on business process re-engineering in a tax/audit environment, covering a range of areas such as:

  • Identification and understanding of potential sources/areas of risk and compliance challenges
  • Complexity of legislation
  • Risk management framework and policies for addressing risk
  • Use of technology and training requirements
  • Compliance with legislation and taxpayer convenience
  • Review of systems, functional processes, methods, rules and regulations, legislation, banking arrangements and related processes
  • Recommendation of new, streamlined or standardised procedures
  • Change management and stakeholder requirements for improved service delivery

For more information, please email us or contact one of our representatives at our Programme Support line.

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